Friday, August 14, 2009

Bau Petai

Ini perkara gampang (heheheh kalau di Pahang, ia membawa makna yang teruk tapi di Indonesia bermakna mudah atau senang).

Rendamkan petai dalam air basuhan beras dan biarkan ia selama kira-kira setengah jam sebelum dimakan atau dimasak.

Parkia speciosa is the scientific name of a plant used as a culinary item. More common names would be petai, satow/sator, bitter bean and so forth. Quite popular in southeast Asia, some say it is an acquired taste. It has a mild bitter taste, like, well, cocoa, and the bitterness is definitely not a hindrance for most people. Rather it's kind of like a pleasant kind of bitterness.

What repel some people from it is the smell. Even your urine would reek of petai for probably a full day to wreak (get it? reek & wreak) havoc in your office's toilet.

Some say, to get rid or reduce its smell, immerse the beans in the water that you use to wash your rice before you boil it. It has to be submerged in water for about half an hour before being cooked or eaten.


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